Buishas- Research Paper

Day One

Choose a Topic - -Topic ideas
Step 1
Task Definition:
  • Define the assignment/task/project
  • Identify the information needed

Questions to Ask Yourself:
  • What am I supposed to do?
  • What information do I need in order to do this?
    • List information that you feel you will need to know at this time
  • Keyword Searching

  • Advanced Google Search

  • Homework - Locate one credible website using Advanced Google Search on your topic.

Internet Search Tips

  • GREAT for finding keywords
  • Use References, External Links, and See Also
  • Get basic background info

Day Two and Three

Locating Sources
Step 2
Information Seeking Strategies:
  • Determine all possible sources (resources)
  • Select the best sources
Questions to Ask Yourself:
  • What are possible sources of information?
  • Which are best?

Step 3
Locate and Access:
  • Locate sources
  • Find information within sources
Questions to Ask Yourself:
  • Where can I locate each source?
  • Where is the information in each source located?
    • Table of Contents
    • Index

Day Four and Five

Taking Notes and Outlining
Step 4
Use of Information:
  • Use a source to gain information
  • Extract relevant information
Questions to Ask Yourself:

Day Six and Seven

Organizing Sources and Presenting
Step 5
  • Organize multiple sources
  • Present the information
Questions to Ask Yourself:
  • How can I organize all the information? (See Research Outline and Notes)
  • How can I present the result?
  • How will I give credit to my sources in my final product or performance?
    • Include a written bibliography - works cited page
    • Announce sources after performance
    • Other:
  • Materials I will need for my presentation of performance (make list)
  • How much time do I estimate it will take to find the information and create the product?
  • Timeline for assignment:
    • Ideas for project (Step One: Task Definition) completed by (insert date)
    • Information searching (Step Four: Use of Information) completed by (insert date)
    • First Draft due by (insert date)
  • Completed assignment due on (insert date)

Day Eight and Nine

Evaluating the Work
Step 6
  • Judge the product (effectiveness)
  • Judge the process (efficiency)
Questions to Ask Yourself:
  • Is the task/assignment/project completed?
    • Is the assignment appropriate for what you were asked to do?
    • Did you meet all the assignment requirements?
    • Did you cite your sources?
    • Did you follow copyright laws and fair use guidelines
    • Is your work presentable - neat and organized?
    • Would you be proud to show your work to everyone?
  • How can I do things better or improve my task/assignment/project?

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